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Software Available to the DV Community As Company Dissolves

Dec. 30, 2006, San Francisco, CA --Sunnyside Software is closing as a going concern and its premier software, RayCaster will be made available for download free of charge through our new site, Sunnyside Labs.

"We found we don't have the time or sufficient customer demand to keep running Sunnyside as a business," stated CEO David Mojdehi, "however as lead developer of RayCaster, I am delighted that it will be made available to anyone interested in live webcasting.  The founders and I are proud of RayCaster and hope that others learn from and enjoy the product."

RayCaster is a live audio/video encoder that employs up to five simultaneous, real-time Windows® Media™ encoders to reach the broadest audience possible with a high level of failover protection. RayCaster simultaneously archives high-quality footage to disk and provides a powerful interface to streamline the webcast process.

RayCaster features:
  • FlipCast Commands: RayCaster allows for the integration of urls and other commands into the live stream, so that the user can "flip slides" during the webcast.
  • FlipCast Playlists: In a big improvement over Windows Media Encoder, urls can be created and organized before the webcast. Drag and drop importing allows extant files to be quickly imported into RayCaster from Windows Explorer; this works for local files, shared files, and ftp.
  • PAL support: RayCaster 1.6 now functions internationally for PAL camera users.
  • Remote control: Operators with cameras at several locations can now start and stop the stream remotely with a single command. This is useful when creating timed events or automating RayCaster.
  • Deinterlaced encodes: dramatically improves the video quality of encodes larger than 320x240.

Designed for the serious webcaster, RayCaster's elegant interface allows instant customization of video and audio parameters of all encoders, which can be started and stopped together with one click. RayCaster 1.6 is available via electronic download at free of charge as of January 2007. Bug fixes and email support will continue to be available, but no new versions are planned.

Now disbanded, Sunnyside Software was a San Francisco-based company founded by veterans of the digital video industry. Named for a neighborhood in San Francisco, Sunnyside Software was incorporated in 2004 to develop and market products to the extant and potential streaming market. The principals have over 20 years of combined experience in digital media development, implementation and documentation.

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