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RayCaster is a Windows software application that converts 1394 DV (aka Firewire, iLink) video and audio into Windows Media Video and Audio and transmits it to a server, all in real time. This software makes it possible to transmit live video to a large audience over the Internet, from dozens of viewers to hundreds, thousands, or more. RayCaster employs up to 5 simultaneous, real-time Windows® Media™ encoders to reach the broadest audience possible with a high level of failover protection.

The ability to run multiple encoders from a simple, streamlined interface sets RayCaster apart. RayCaster can run multiple encoders for failover, archiving, backwards compatibility, and to overcome the bitrate and size limitations of a single encoder.

During a webcast, RayCaster can also archive encoded footage to disk for viewing-on-demand at a later time.