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Encode up to 5 multiple bit rate streams of Windows Media simultaneously. Multiple encoders are essential for serious live webcasting. Use them for:
Failover Protection - By using a redundant encoder that the Server can employ if the primary encoder is unavailable, you minimize any risk of a RayCaster-to-Server fault. By clustering, (using multiple Windows Media Encoders and Servers to stream the same content) you reduce the risk of interrupted service even further.
- With RayCaster you can run a separate single-bitrate encoder specifically to save the broadcast for later Video On Demand. These archives are also ideal for CD or DVD-ROM delivery.
Backwards Compatibility - You can use multiple encoders to provide alternate versions with compatible video and audio codecs for viewers with older players.
Specify flexible Audio/Video Combinations - Even by using the Intellistream feature of a single encoder, you cannot specify all the audio/video bitrate and display size combinations you require. With RayCaster's multiple encoders, you can mix and match different audio and video streams with ease.

Monitor audio volume
with live metering display – Did the speaker’s mike readjust, or do you need to cut the volume? With RayCaster, you can monitor, adjust and mute incoming audio directly from the RayCaster main User Interface.

Match the audio sample rate
to your camera’s setting:
32 kHz – If your DV camera is set to 12-bit mode, it will produce audio with this sample rate.
44.1 kHz – Used for certain DV cameras that can only output audio at 44.1 kHz.
48 kHz – The default sample rate on most DV cameras (16-bit). Most DV cameras produce audio with a sample rate of 48 kHz; this is RayCaster's default Setting.
Preview sources and encoded output simultaneously
You’ll see thumbnail previews of the camera video plus three slide sources as well as the encoder preview in Ray­Caster’s main User Interface.  The switchable floating preview window lets you view any source or encoder output.

Customize video display size and image quality

You have complete control of the video encoding parameters using the Video Setting panel.

Start or stop with one click

You click GO to connect all encoders with all specified servers and archive locations. You click STOP to disconnect all encoders. There’s no need to start and stop encoders separately.

Save settings for new Webcasts

All settings can be saved and used for a new Webcast.

Work with any OHCI compatible 1394 card

Many computers now have built-in FireWire (1394) capability. If you need to add it to your computer, an inexpensive PCI or PCMCIA card is all that is required. Works with any OHCI compatible 1394 card