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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I connect more than one camera to RayCaster?
A: You can use a hardware DV video mixer to connect more than one camera and add transitions and effects.

Q: I clicked GO, but neither the ON AIR or RECORDING lights went on. Shouldn’t they?
A: You must activate the Webcast and/or Archive buttons next to the encoder to encode.

Q: After Webcasting for a short time using the Push mode, I get a Server Disconnected error. What’s wrong?
A: Make sure that your encoded output is not more data than your upload connection to the server can handle. For instance, you can’t webcast at broadband rates using a dialup connection.

Q: Why is RayCaster dropping frames?
A: Your CPU load is too high. When the load is high, RayCaster will drop frames to reduce usage and momentary spikes are tolerated. If the load stays too high the encoding will not be optimal. You can decrease RayCaster’s CPU usage by simply choosing a profile with a smaller number of streams or one that is optimized for slower Internet connection speeds. You can also set a smaller video frame size.

Q: Why can’t I connect to my server?
A: Double check all the entries in the Network settings window. Make sure you do not have a firewall problem. Make sure the Webcast button next to the encoder is activated.

Q: I want to use a profile that causes my CPU load to go over 90%. What can I do?
A: You can use a computer with a faster CPU and/or dual processors.

Q: Can my viewers use Windows Media Player 10?
A: Yes, no problem.

Q: I'm in Europe and want to use a PAL device.  Is it supported? 
A:  Raycaster is designed to support DV, which includes both NTSC and PAL formats.  Both are fully supported.